Start-up Innovation

​for Society 5.0 

Responsible Consumption and Production

The products that bring dynamism, comfort, and convenience to our lives do not simply appear out of thin air—they draw on our limited supplies of natural resources, leading to worries about just how long those resources will actually last. 

How are we endangering our resources? Massive food loss (food discarded despite being edible) is one root cause, particularly in developed countries. The enormous amounts of waste and harmful waste that come from production processes and human consumption also do serious damage to our natural environment if they are not managed and processed appropriately. 

Thus it is vital to make efforts across entire product life cycles aimed at building a Sound Material Cycle Society by promoting the 3 Rs: Reducing resource usage at the manufacturing, processing, and sales stages, Reusing products, and Recycling. As well as encouraging manufacturer responsibility, we need to raise consumers’ awareness of “user responsibility.” 

We are committed to formulating solutions to the problems at hand. To address the issues of food loss and waste, for example, we aim to harness AI technologies in optimizing supply and demand throughout the value chain. By drawing on predictions of atmospheric warming and insolation flux, we can also estimate air-pollutant emissions and take action accordingly (118).

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