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​Life bellow Water

Life on Land

Oceans and Forests are vital in ways such as enabling food production, absorbing carbon dioxide,  purifying the earth’s soil, and erosion and flood control. Disrupting that core foundation can thus have disastrous effects on societies and economies: excessive deforestation and overhunting destabilize ecosystems. Since time immemorial, however, humans have of necessity enjoyed nature’s bounty to lead their lives, which means that we need to create a sustainable society that exists in harmony with natures, allowing us to reap the fruits of natural resources but still preserve biological diversity.

Innovative technologies can open up feasible paths to those new approaches. Tuna-farming methods and environments, including feed volumes and timing, will be improved and optimized by using sensors and applications enabled by IoT technology to visualize data on water temperature and other conditions, AI to analyze this data, and image-processing techniques to automatically determine the populations .


The use of big data-analysis technologies, which allow growers to tailor their cultivation methods to specific climatic conditions, along with compact, high-precision sensor technologies and other resources that facilitate farm management, for example, has enabled the recovery of forest ecosystems on land where desertification made spontaneous recovery an impossibility. 

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