Start-up Innovation

​for Society 5.0 

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Economic growth can imbue individual lifestyles and society as a whole with rich depth and vitality. To be truly beneficial, however, that growth needs to embody a continuing, inclusive, and sustainable pattern. Otherwise, it can distort the social structure, cleave massive wealth gaps, and—as a result—actually end up impeding itself. As Japan has shown, meanwhile, labor shortages stemming from falling birthrates can also saddle individual laborers with inordinate burdens. The need for new approaches to sustainable economic growth has rarely been as pressing as it is now.

Taking full advantage of innovative technological advances, we are determined to make sustainable economic growth a reality. Fusions of the latest breakthroughs in robotics, sensing, communications, and haptics (tactile pseudo-communication) can open new channels of communication and enable remote robot operations across substantial physical distances. In essence, teleportation would no longer be a pipe dream—technological integration could potentially do away with the limitations of time and space.

Another area ripe for innovation is the construction industry, where installing sensor arrays and AI-enabled robots will streamline complicated tasks into models of efficiency. By equipping multifunctional distribution facilities with AI and robots, improving work processes, incorporating remanufactured devices into integrated management services for office equipment, and taking other similar steps, we can reform working styles and help make business sites of all kinds more energy-efficient, resource-efficient, and productive.

Innovations by companies and universities need social support to find practical applications. To help spur revolutionary innovations and enable the public to quickly benefit from the resulting advances, then, we will drive the social implementation of innovations on a community-wide basis as part of our effort to cultivate next-generation communities. That ongoing community-building initiative also involves tackling a wide variety of other issues, such as the environment and health, through technology-oriented explorations of renewable energy and projects for collecting and analyzing health data from IT devices.

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