Start-up Innovation

​for Society 5.0 

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

To create a society where people can get the things and services they need, in the quantities they demand, and right when the need arises, we need solid infrastructures for industrial activity and technological innovation. Those vital foundations enable regions and nations to industrialize, enjoy economic growth, and relish the many facets of prosperity. While every region and nation operates under different, unique circumstances, the need for an industrial structure that aligns with the location’s specific characteristics—and the pursuit of innovation—constitute a common bond.

In the manufacturing sector, for example, that process requires improvements in both productivity and quality. Incorporating the IoT and AI controllers into manufacturing practices allows companies to achieve seamless, sophisticated control over a broad array of production facilities, thereby realizing manufacturing innovation that will enable workers of all skill levels to create high-quality products like master engineers.

We will push forward with efforts to build industrial infrastructures in various settings and through a range of methods by establishing community open-data sites for problem solving on a local scale, introducing information and communications technology (ICT) for streamlining livestock management, encouraging the use of the IoT and autonomous robots to save labor on construction sites, building communications platforms for IoT systems, using machine learning to identify signs of abnormality in factory and plant processes, and utilizing fintech and AI to develop financing methods. To give the public safe, secure access to all that innovative technology, we will continue to develop cybersecurity measures capable of responding quickly to new, unknown cyberattacks.

Start-up Innovations road to Society 5.0 for SDGS



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