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Sustainable Cities and Communities

Food, clothing, and shelter are the three basic components of human life. The shelter component is a core foundation for going about daily life, living with family, playing active roles in the larger community, and being economically active in a comfortable, satisfying way. As major urban areas grow increasingly dense due to the concentration of population, however, the by-products of overcrowding—frequent traffic jams, pollution, and slumification, for example—are becoming serious issues. At the same time, regional towns and cities are gradually losing the funding they need to provide basic services and confronting other concerns like deteriorating infrastructure. Addressing those elements is just one part of the challenge for communities, which also need to offer residents safe, secure spaces amid increasingly serious disasters, large-scale events, crime, accidents, and more.

The current realities demand new solutions, and we are committed to creating them. Potential remedies include rolling stock with better safety, comfort, and eco-friendliness levels, which can make passengers’ daily lives more comfortable, facilitate a modal shift, and energize communities along railway lines. Satellites and sensors can come together in beneficial automatic driving technologies, while the IoT can enable safer, higher-accuracy bus operations—both of which have the potential to pave a clear path ahead for sustainable transport systems.

Pushing advances in technologies for high-precision positioning infrastructures and voice recognition will enable barrier-free, stress-free community development, an approach that focuses on routes that avoid stairs, eliminate other impediments, and offer guidance in multiple languages.

Our efforts will also address optimal responses to natural disasters. We are currently working to build a global statistical database on disaster probability, enable real-time analyses, create methods for performing restoration work in real time from remote locations, and use the IoT to streamline the distribution of relief supplies. By assembling the next-generation mobile communications (5G), 4K broadcasting, AI, and other revolutionary technologies into practical packages, meanwhile, we will continue to provide high-accuracy face-authentication systems and crime- and accident-prevention security services.

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