KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) is a comprehensive economic organization with a membership comprised of 1,376 representative companies of Japan, 109 nationwide industrial associations and 47 regional economic organizations (as of May 31, 2018).

Our mission as a comprehensive economic organization is to draw upon the vitality of corporations, individuals and local communities to support corporate activities which contribute to the self-sustaining development of the Japanese economy and improvement in the quality of life for the Japanese people.

For this purpose, KEIDANREN establishes consensus in the business community on a variety of important domestic and international issues for their steady and prompt resolution. At the same time, we communicate with a wide range of stakeholders including political leaders, administrators, labor unions and citizens. We encourage our members to adhere to the Charter of Corporate Behavior in an effort to establish and maintain public confidence in the business community. We also strive for the resolution of international issues and the development of closer economic relations with various countries through policy dialogue with the governments, economic associations of each country as well as international organizations.

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Address: Keidanren Kaikan, 1-3-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8188
Phone: +81-3-6741-0171

URL: http://www.keidanren.or.jp/en/

Address: 1200 17th Street, NW, Suite 201, Washington DC 20036 U.S.A.
Phone: 1-202-796-4850
E-mail: washingtondc@keidanren.us

URL: https://keidanren.us/

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