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Takenaka Co.: 4 NEW CASES

Promoting wooden and woody building construction to preserve Forest Conservation and activation of forestry

  • Moen-Wood: Structural fire-resistant glued laminated timber(glulam) that provides fire-resistance performance for one hour or two hours through a combination of wood and mortar. In the case of the 2-hour fire-resistance product, timber construction of buildings as high as 14 stories is possible.

  • T-FoRest: Seismic retrofitting technology which have the advantages of wood such as lightweight and easy construction to enable aseismic reinforcing works using timber shearwalls and braces.

Construction and urban design technologies to resolve social issues such as environmental problems and disaster prevention/reduction

Earthquake protection technologies: Takenaka’s proprietary seismic isolation technology was first used in the construction of Funabashi-Chikuyuryo (dormitory for single employees) which was completed in 1987. Since that time, Takenaka has developed various types of seismic isolation and damping technologies, in addition to technologies that allow seismic retrofitting to be conducted while building use is maintained. Takenaka’s wide-ranging technical expertise also includes evaluations of seismic capacity and disaster risk management.

maXim: This technology integrates the chain of events that occur during a disaster by using building BIM data in order to determine actual evacuation behavior using virtual reality. The simulation result can be used in disaster planning studies and so on.

Energy Management Aimed at Building a “Decarbonized Model Town”

The energy management system optimizes energy consumption by predicting the building power demand, thermal loads, and photovoltaics’ power generation, comprehensive control of the generator and storage batteries, and optimizing sequence and schedule of facility operation including HVAC. Integrated management of multiple buildings enables area energy optimization.

Environmental and social risk management policies for financing decisions that support responsible growth and economic progress

Productivity will be improved dramatically by the use of BIM in the design process: use of integrated information at the construction stage, front-loading in an integrated design and construction process, labor-saving construction methods, the Internet of Things (IoT), the use of robotics technologies and so on.

Encouraging the spread of Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)

Building net energy consumption can be reduced by insulating the outer walls and windows, using high-efficiency air conditioning units, employing natural lighting and natural ventilation, using renewable energy and so on to maximize energy conservation and energy creation. Beginning with the construction of its own Tokyo Head Office building in 2004, Takenaka Corporation has steadily increased the number of such buildings constructed for its customers. At the Higashi Kanto Branch Office building which was renovated in 2016, innovative work styles and “smart wellness control” through the use of wearable terminals were introduced. As a result, Net Zero Energy was achieved within a year.

Assistance for the construction of schools to provide the children of Nepal with places and opportunities for learning

The Asian Architecture Friendship is a private volunteer organization established in 2000, primarily by volunteers from the Design Department of Takenaka Corporation. Using their specialist construction skills, they began by constructing a school in Philim, Nepal (completed in 2003) and then focused on supporting the construction schools and other facilities in developing nations in Asia. The school in Nepal was damaged in the earthquake that occurred in the midwestern part of Nepal in 2015, but the facility was repaired and planning for the expansion of the school building including the science laboratory is underway. Takenaka Corporation has provided support that includes donations and the formation of an NPO (in April 2015).

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