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Hakuhodo DY Group: 20 NEW CASES

【Hakuhodo Inc.】

Mikke: Delivering fun Japanese-style learning to the world's children

An educational magazine launched in September 2016 in Thailand, this initiative aims to spread Japanese educational methods, which are drawing attention in developing countries, to Asia. Named Mikke (Japanese for "eureka") in the hopes that it will be a place for children to make discoveries and find joy, the magazine has a circulation of 150,000, with each issue distributed free to around 350 elementary schools in Bangkok and other areas. Roving classes and other events are also held. In December 2017, Mikke was adopted as part of JICA’s Feasibility Survey for SDGs Business. A survey will be conducted in India with the aim of raising awareness about hygiene and the environment and the goal of turning this theme into business.

Gochiso to bosai (Good food and disaster preparedness): Thinking broadly about and implementing the stockpiling of food to prevent hunger when a disaster occurs

Gochiso to bosai aims to help people reconsider emergency food and increase disaster preparedness awareness by bringing them together to prepare the emergency rations they have stocked at home into tasty meals and eat them, building relationships between young and old through eating together that can be drawn on in times of disaster. It provides opportunities to think broadly about and implement ideas for stocking food to prevent hunger from food shortages in times of disaster. Events providing hints about using emergency food in everyday life have been held around the country nine times around so far.

A new maternal and child health handbook for today's parents

The Parent & Child Health Handbook is an updated version of the Maternal & Child Health Handbook that tackles today's child-rearing challenges. It was developed using the voices of parents and medical personnel around Japan and research into Japan's advanced Maternal & Child Health Handbooks. The Maternal and Child Health Handbook App digitizes records in Maternal and Child Health Handbooks distributed by local authorities, delivering optimal information to every user.The Hakuhodo DY Group is the first vendor to publish and operate both paper and app-based maternal and child handbooks. (Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. )

Otoppe: An animated TV program that focuses on everyday sounds to pique children's curiosity

An animated program that conveys the idea that paying attention to everyday sounds can lead to new discoveries about familiar scenes to children to pique their curiosity. The TV program works together with a smartphone app to give kids and parents new aural experiences from sending everyday sounds to the program via smartphone and collecting characters from the program in the app. Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo i-studio's involvement includes program planning, character and animation production and digital content production for the app, etc. (Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo i-studio Inc.)

Kosodate Family Lab: Supporting childrearing Japanese families through marketing

Kosodate Family Lab is a specialized unit that researches and analyzes the lifestyles of families-to-be through families with children in elementary school using a variety of surveys, and supports companies with product development to marketing communication strategy planning. With around 30 moms and dads making up the majority of its employees, it researches and releases information on today's families. The Lab has collaborated with interspace's mamastadium to produce research reports since 2015. In 2018, it conducted original research on new realities for childrearing families, analyzing new family celebrations such as maternity photos, half birthdays, and childrearing sharing in families, reporting findings on its website.

TAP PROJECT JAPAN: Solving the world's water problems with the power of design

TAP PROJECT JAPAN is an initiative of a group of volunteers from the Japan Committee for UNCEF and the Hakuhodo DY Group that works to support children around the world that need clean, safe water. In addition to collecting donations at restaurants and cafes, each year TAP PROJECT JAPAN plans and implements initiatives that provide discoveries about water and call for donations. Money collected is used to support children in the southern African island nation the Republic of Madagascar, where it is impossible to get clean, safe water. (Hakuhodo DY Group)

THE REBORN LIGHT: Spent EV batteries reborn to keep serving humans

TBWA/HAKUHODO participates in THE REBORN LIGHT, a project that reuses spent batteries from Nissan's Leaf EV in outdoor lights. Support includes proposing the "Spent EV batteries reborn to keep serving humans" concept, designing the outdoor lights, designing communication, and production of visuals. The project kicked off on the occasion of the test lighting in March 2018 in Namie, Fukushima, and will explore new possibilities for spent batteries. (TBWA/HAKUHODO Inc. )

Hakuhodo DY Group special subsidiary Hakuhodo DY I.O: Aiming to become Japan's No. 1 special subsidiary in terms of work satisfaction

Hakuhodo DY I.O is a shared service company of the Hakuhodo DY Group established in December 1989 with 14 employees. As of July 2018, it had grown to 163 employees (86 with disabilities, 77 without disabilities; including secondees). Its work consists mainly of data entry, printing, checking of reports, etc. Employees with and without disabilities work together under the same HR regulations and compensation and evaluation systems. (Hakuhodo DY I.O Inc.)

Future Innovators Summit: A discussion program for envisioning future society

A discussion program developed jointly by international creative organization Ars Electronica and Hakuhodo, Future Innovators Summit (FIS) brings together innovators with different backgrounds and expertise from around the globe to formulate big questions and spur social innovations. FIS has been held four times at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. In May 2018, it was held in Tokyo for the first time under the theme Tokyo as a Laboratory for Our Future, with discussions and presentations to create social missions to deliver a brighter future.

COGY: Promoting the popularization of a new wheelchair concept

COGY is a revolutionary wheelchair that allows people partially paralyzed by a stroke or that have difficulty walking due to a spinal injury to move their legs by pushing the wheelchair's pedals. TBWA\HAKUHODO and Makoto collaborated to start an initiative that supports venture companies through communication. The initiative's first project was to provide full support to TESS' GOGY pedal wheelchair, from planning to creative. (TBWA/HAKUHODO)

Zenkoku toitsu bosai moshi (Nationwide disaster preparedness mock exams): Smartphone content that tests disaster preparedness through mock exams

The mock exams were content for the Yahoo! Japan app designed to gradually build essential knowledge and response capabilities for times of disaster. Yahoo! and Hakuhodo began an initiative to foster disaster awareness in 2016 and, following the implementation of disaster preparedness advertising on the Sony Building in Ginza in March 2017, produced and launched this content in March 2018. By answering questions in real time order, from receiving push notifications on a smartphone in case of a disaster to how to use the Disaster Emergency Message Dial service and what to do in case of evacuation, users can gain insight into their own disaster preparedness and acquire necessary knowledge.

EARTH MALL: A program supporting conscious consumption toward achieving the SDGs

Positioning shopping as sei-katsu-sha actions that change the future, this program supports conscious consumption toward achieving the SDGs by promoting shopping that takes into consideration product origins and reasonable quantities. Seeing the Earth as one shopping mall, it provides information and content necessary for sustaining rich lives on the Earth, as well as consulting on product selection and information dissemination. Hakuhodo paired up with Rakuten in June 2018 to launch EARTH MALL with Rakuten, an e-commerce store on Rakuten's website where products with international certifications can be purchased.

COOL CHOICE: A new citizen's movement to prevent climate change

COOL CHOICE is a citizens' movement initiated by the national government to promote smart choices to address climate change, such as switching to, using and choosing low-carbon products/services and lifestyles, to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 26% compared to 2013 levels by 2030. Hakuhodo produced the logo, and together with local authorities, industry, NPOs and others has called for numerous efforts, including Cool Biz and Warm Biz.

Tototabelone: An initiative that educates kids about the ocean and encourages them to protect the seas

An initiative that fosters children's' curiosity about the ocean and eating fish, and through experiences teaches and conveys the importance of the local cultures of fishing communities and the environment. An idea that came out of the Social Design School program that Hakuhodo developed as a regional solutions business, the initiative began in earnest after receiving support from The Nippon Foundation's Umi to Nippon Project (Oceans and Japan Project). The initiative supports sustained actions to protect the environment as children learn about the importance of the ocean as they actually interact with it.

An ad for Greenpeace's drought prevention activities

Hakuhodo Malaysia produced the poster for "Drought," Greenpeace Malaysia's drought-prevention campaign, pro bono as a creative volunteer. Using computer graphics, the poster depicts a drought-ravished future, with countless logs cut down in the destruction of forests representing parched earth as far as the eye can see. (Hakuhodo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.)

An International Day of Peace ad campaign calling for the eradication of war. The ads were produced pro bono by Hakuhodo Indonesia as a creative volunteer

Scars of Misery was produced pro bono for the Jakarta Globe, an Indonesian newspaper, as a creative volunteer activity in the lead up to the International Day of Peace. The ads convey the heavy cost of war, which involves countless ordinary people whose scars do not fade even after the end of hostilities. (PT Hakuhodo Indonesia)

Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living: An Institute that has studied sei-katsu-sha (consumers with a heartbeat) for over 30 years and makes the findings of its research available to the public

A think tank unlike any other in the world, HILL has studied sei-katsu-sha for over 30 years. The Institute looks at people in their entirety, thinks about the future of lifestyles and implements and promotes sei-katsu-sha insight. It carries out its activities using unique, multivariate perspectives like tracing changes in sei-katsu-sha's values over the years, using practical methods to uncover portents for the future, and going where people live to think about things together with them, coupled with a bird's-eye view that goes beyond markets and industries. It conducts its Seikatsu Teiten fixed-point survey once every two years, and since 2012 has made 24 years' worth of sei-katsu-sha data, covering around 1,500 survey items, available free to the public on its website.


H-CAMP is an educational program started by Hakuhodo in 2013 that aims to have people experience the excitement of creativity, which the Hakuhodo Group values most of all, through hands-on experiences. H-CAMP consists of three initiatives: OPEN-CAMP for individual junior and senior high school students; CORPORATE VISIT-CAMP, a program for schools; and External Relations Program, which involves collaborative lectures with various stakeholders, including NPOs and local governments.

SDGs Corporate Program: Support for the management and future business of companies that adopt the SDGs

SDGs Corporate Program, which supports the management and future business of companies that adopt the SDGs, has been offered since October 2017. Through the program, Hakuhodo engages in such activities as creating integrated reports, providing investor relations and CSR support, conducting internal education programs and establishing internal projects, and undertaking communication development. Utilizing knowledge cultivated Groupwide, Hakuhodo promotes the OPEN 2030 PROJECT, in which the company is a participating member. It also collaborates with educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies promoting the SDGs to provide support for the efforts of corporations toward realizing the SDGs.

Communication support for the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)

The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) is an NGO network established in 1987 with the goal of promoting solutions to the world's social problems. Hakuhodo first collaborated with JANIC in 2013, when it held a seminar on writing news releases, and has been working with JANIC since then on its Awareness Raising Project, which aims to realize broad understanding of the activities of NGOs among sei-katsu-sha. In fiscal 2016, Hakuhodo provided communication strategy support and revamped JANIC's logo, slogan and statement to help the NGO sector contribute to the realization of the SDGs. In addition, it produced Signs with an Extra Message, which are posters that can be used in workplaces, stores, etc. to educate about the SDGs. The posters use language often seen in everyday signs, with the aim of building familiarity with the SDGs' 17 goals and associated challenges.

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