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Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.: 1 NEW CASES

Establishment of optimized heat and elecdtrical network to the district with utilization of ICT.

Recently, it is strongly required to tackle issues, such as reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission, saving electricity consumption, stabilized securement of energy, etc., with an entire society. As to solve those issues, Tokyo Gas Group tackle establishment of smart energy network system.

Centralizing gas combined heat and power which generates and consumes heat and electricity locally, the smart energy network system of Tokyo Gas Group establish optimize energy system per district unit by heat and electricity networked, maximum utilization of renewable and unutilized energy, and energy management with ICT.

Through solving social issues per the district unit, the value of the area will improve by betterment of energy efficiency in the entire district and, furthermore, generation of added value such as function of disaster prevention, etc.

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