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Development of Fuel Cell Vehicles, “Ideal Eco-Cars”

Through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, fuel cell vehicles(FCV) generate electricity to power a motor.

They are ideal eco-cars which discharge only water. Toyota has made use of its hybrid vehicle technology as core technology in the development of fuel cell vehicles.

In addition to excellent environmental credentials, fuel cell vehicles are fun to drive, and also offer convenience and performance. Furthermore MIrai can be used a a generator during disasters.

Hydrogen can be produced from a wide range of primary enegy sources, and also can be stoerd as hydrogen for power supply. Additionally it is able to be combined with renewable energy sources.

Toyota sees great potential in fuel cell vehicles which can make it sustainable society for mobility with energy diversification.

Partner Robots

In order to respond to various social needs, we are developing “Partner Robot” for the purpose of supporting medical care, nursing care, independent living, etc., with our vision of "Mobility for All, Joy of Self-reliance." In the medical field, we launched the rehabilitation-assist robot "Welwalk WW-1000" in 2017 for efficient walking rehabilitation for many patients. In the field of nursing care, we are developing a social robot "Pocobee" with the aim of improving the efficiency of caregiving, reducing the burden of caregivers, and maintaining the physical and mental health of the elderly. In the field of independent living support, we are working on the development of human support robot "HSR" jointly with many research institutions, with the aim of supporting self-reliant life for the elderly.

Toyota Mobility Foundation

Support strong mobility systems while eliminating disparities in mobility

We are implementing projects to optimize traffic flow with the aim of alleviating traffic congestion and prevention by collaboration with local governments, business operators, citizens, and academic institutions. Together with various partners, we aim to build an user friendly and sustainable solution for citizens by conducting idea contests and demonstration experiments.

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