Start-up Innovation

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Zero Hunger

It is estimated that 815 million people around the world were chronically undernourished in 2016.  One area where undernourishment runs rampant is sub-Saharan Africa, where a majority of the adult population faces moderate or severe food insecurity. Hunger among children is another cause for serious concern; it is projected that one of every four children under the age of five would experience growth deficiencies in the world. To combat the global hunger crisis, we need to make radical transformations in the existing systems for food and agriculture.

We are committed to providing solutions that could propel much-needed social changes. One key focus area is agricultural productivity, which we aim to boost through the use of IoT-driven farm management systems and fully automated agricultural equipment. We will also strive to make dramatic improvements in food production and support the global agricultural community by promoting cloud-based systems for managing herds of cattle on an up-to-the-minute, animal-by-animal basis fully autonomous drones for conducting precision farming and preventing damage by wild birds and animals; insurance packages that draw on data from earth observation satellites and more.

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