Clean Water and Sanitation

Start-up Innovation

​for Society 5.0 

Escalating droughts, worsening access to water, and waning levels of high-quality water are causing concerns. As of 2015, about 663 million people still rely on unimproved water resources and surface water for sustenance. Water containing harmful chemical substances or excrement lead to squalid living conditions that put children and significant segments of affected populations at risk of developing diseases. Operating water-treatment plants is a cost- and energy-intensive process, however, which leaves numerous countries and regions unable to implement the necessary measures.

We will continue to propose new solutions to these crucial issues. Integrating seawater desalination and wastewater recycling, for example, will help mitigate regional water shortages in an affordable, energy-saving fashion and alleviate the corresponding environmental burden (36). We will continue to maximize use of innovative technologies such as big data and AI analysis to develop new possibilities for desalination systems.

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