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Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy supports and enriches our lives. However, as of 2012, approximately 1.1 billion people lacked access to power, and energy-poor countries and regions struggle with limitations on their production activities. Energy usage also generates massive amounts of carbon dioxide, a substance that plays a major role in climate change. Given current conditions, the demand for widespread use of affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy is high.

We are constantly working to formulate new approaches to the energy dilemma. For example, we are combining solar power generation with storage batteries to supply clean energy to regions that have not previously had stable energy supply. In offshore wind-power generation, we have deployed floating wind turbines that can be installed regardless of water depth and technologies enabling efficient generation even in locations with low wind speeds. As part of our efforts to center energy production around hydrogen, which has enormous potential for decarbonization, we are also working on projects to develop fully hydrogen-fueled gas turbines, establish hydrogen supply chains, and create technologies for significantly accelerating development times for water electrolysis technologies. Initiatives to generate power via green resources like natural gas, waste building materials, and unused timber are also under way. Our efforts encompass improvements in power usage, too, as we strive to make progress on net zero-energy buildings: multi-tenant facilities (and even entire areas) that can reduce their energy consumption to zero by tapping into big data to predict solar power-generation levels, project building power usage, and optimize operations accordingly. Other technologies we are promoting include those enabling higher-capacity secondary lithium-ion batteries, which will facilitate more widespread use of electric vehicles

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