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Good Health and Well-Being

Japanese society continues to get older and older, exposing the challenges that come with longer life spans and longer health spans (the period for which a given person can live a healthy life). The implications of the aging-society phenomenon extend across generational lines, too: mounting financial burdens on the working population and growing concerns about the sustainability of Japan’s social security systems weigh heavily on the country’s well-being. On a global scope, meanwhile, the diverse mix of threats to human health ranges from traffic accidents, unhealthy diets, and lifestyle diseases to malnutrition, intractable diseases, and infectious diseases.

Creating new solutions to these pressing issues is part of our vision for Society 5.0. AI-driven analysis holds great potential, for example, with its ability to turn vital-sign data from wearable devices into individually customized diagnostics, preventive measures, and treatments for patients of all kinds. IoT technologies, meanwhile, can help identify traffic-accident hotspots, find other hazardous locations, and monitor driver health conditions, opening the door to ideas for safer routes and driving methods that could help society eliminate traffic accidents altogether. Utilizing collections of people’s individual head shots and data points like weight, height, drinking preferences, and smoking preferences, AI can even show people what they might look like if they maintain unhealthy lifestyles—an ability that would not only convey lifestyle disease risks on a more intuitive level but also make it easier for people to have fun managing their health and preventing lifestyle diseases .

Efforts to analyze employees’ medical data and other health-related information will make it possible to nurture improvements in employee health and establish more stable health insurance systems. Communication robots will be used to support nursing care. Moreover, Zika virus detection reagents can offer simple, quick, and low-cost means for preventing epidemics.

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